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Nuggets of Hope 5 – Purchased by God

  Money. In our world, we all need it, and can’t live without it. We use money to purchase many of our daily needs. In fact, the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis is one of the big concerns that … Continue reading


23. March 2020 by Wisdom Hunter
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Why we worship

A few months ago, I began to get that restless feeling in my spirit that I have come to recognize as preparation for a significant change – usually a new ministry assignment. As I talked with Marion and sought to … Continue reading


21. May 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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My six month old granddaughter Sophie wants to be noticed!  That’s not unique to her, of course.  One of the longings of every human heart is the desire for significance.   We desire not just to be significant but to be … Continue reading


15. September 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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