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What is in your hand?

Satan wants you to think about what you don’t have and what you can’t do. God wants to you think about what you do have and what you can do.  This gem of practical wisdom came to me many years … Continue reading


01. July 2016 by Wisdom Hunter
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Truth, humility and righteousness

The past few months have been a less than glorious chapter in the annals of Canadian politics and government. Even the most devoted Conservative partisans must be feeling a tad uncomfortable by now, as the list of unanswered questions and … Continue reading


02. November 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Life on the beach – or on the farm?

Over the years I have had many conversations with colleagues at work about their goals in life. I remember one man in particular who made it quite clear what he wanted. His goal was to build up a nice financial … Continue reading


07. July 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Tragedy in Boston

By now almost everyone has heard of the terrible tragedy that took place at the Boston Marathon yesterday, in which two bombs killed three people and injured many others. Among the dead was an eight-year-old boy who had been waiting … Continue reading


16. April 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Coldest Night of the Year

I remember when I first heard about Jericho Road Ministries from its founder, my friend Ray Desmarais. A compassionate man with a big heart for the hurting and homeless, Ray wanted to do something practical to help. Over the years, … Continue reading


06. February 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Cleaning up garbage with Jesus

This morning I had the privilege of picking up garbage in our neighbourhood park and some of the surrounding streets here in Vanier, the historic part of Ottawa where Marion and I make our home with our daughter Bethany. I … Continue reading


13. October 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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Making a difference

“You’re not the boss of me”, declared the young man in the high school special needs class.   “In this class, yes, I am the boss of you”, replied my wife, firmly but not unkindly.  Having raised four children of … Continue reading


05. December 2010 by Wisdom Hunter
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