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Playing to an audience of One

All of us play to an audience. This tendency to play to an audience – to do the things that we know will win us approval, applause and appreciation – starts very early in life. In fact, I am pretty … Continue reading


22. March 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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An Unexpected Journey

Yesterday evening Marion and I watched The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey, based on the first part of Tolkien’s 1937 fantasy classic The Hobbit. This was my first experience watching a movie in 3D, and I found The Hobbit impressive in … Continue reading


27. December 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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How shall we now live?

This Remembrance Day evening, my family and I are watching the 1998 World War II movie Saving Private Ryan.  I find this movie mostly disturbing rather than enjoyable.  It does have its moments of beauty, but mostly I appreciate it … Continue reading


11. November 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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Going for the gold

The Vancouver Winter Olympics are underway! After months of anticipation, the games are finally a reality. Go, Canada, go! Like most Canadians, I have been enjoying the games. The opening ceremonies were spectacular and did a good job at honouring … Continue reading


19. February 2010 by Wisdom Hunter
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