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Nuggets of Hope 17 – The Man of Heaven

Dual citizenship. As a believer in Jesus, you have dual citizenship. Whether you are a citizen of Canada, the USA or some other nation, your true citizenship is in heaven. This thought that we are citizens of a different kingdom … Continue reading


13. April 2020 by Wisdom Hunter
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Nuggets of Hope 16 – Hidden with Christ

Waiting. For those of us whose main assignment is to stay home, the waiting is one of the hardest things about the COVID-19 pandemic. For many Christians, this pandemic exposes our drive to be rescuers. Surely there’s something we can … Continue reading


11. April 2020 by Wisdom Hunter
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Living like a winner

Being an Ottawa Senators fan can be discouraging. The best you can say is that it is an up-and-down experience. Last night’s game was an example. The Sens started the game full of enthusiasm against the high-flying Tampa Bay Lightning. They … Continue reading


30. November 2014 by Wisdom Hunter
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A tale of two young women

Today is my little girl’s birthday. Only, she’s not a little girl any more. She’s a young woman, a year away from university graduation. Two days ago a young man asked her to marry him, and she accepted. Bethany’s birthday … Continue reading


21. April 2014 by Wisdom Hunter
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Racing through life

Life is short. It’s a common observation, but one that leads people to vastly different conclusions. A couple of weeks ago, at a family gathering, I was chatting with my niece Kyla who is only a few weeks away from … Continue reading


08. February 2014 by Wisdom Hunter
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Farewell, old friend

One of my high school buddies passed away a week ago today.  I was invited to speak some words of remembrance at his funeral, and counted it a privilege to be given this opportunity. Marilyn (his widow) told me that … Continue reading


06. December 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Praying for those who suffer for their faith

While reading John 16 this morning I was struck by these words of Jesus in light of the increasing frequency of persecution of believers in recent years (especially in the Islamic world where the persecutors frequently claim to be acting … Continue reading


29. May 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Tragedy in Boston

By now almost everyone has heard of the terrible tragedy that took place at the Boston Marathon yesterday, in which two bombs killed three people and injured many others. Among the dead was an eight-year-old boy who had been waiting … Continue reading


16. April 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Reading the Bible with new eyes

I have been reading the Bible with new eyes the past couple of years. My practical Dutch parents, although nominally Christian, were functionally humanistic in their outlook and worldview, and I imbibed a this-worldly perspective on life with my mother’s … Continue reading


03. February 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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Why I celebrate Christmas

A couple of weeks ago, Marion and I watched the 1984 production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, in which Ebenezer Scrooge is set free from his addiction to greed, and discovers again the joy of celebrating Christmas. Lots of people … Continue reading


22. December 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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