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My dream date with Justin Trudeau

A few nights ago I had a dream. It wasn’t one of those confusing dreams that you can only half remember. The main lines of it were crystal clear. In my dream, I was at some sort of public event … Continue reading


07. August 2016 by Wisdom Hunter
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The river

This summer I have done a lot of cycling on the paths by the Rideau and Ottawa Rivers. I do it for the exercise, but I also do it because being outdoors helps me to pray. I have been without … Continue reading


02. August 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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Why not tell all?

This is a bit of a different post.  It contains the text of a letter that I will be sending to Minister of Heritage James Moore, with a copy to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  The letter speaks for itself.   … Continue reading


15. May 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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Thoughts on purity

The Psalmist asked, “How can a young man keep his way pure?”  (Psalm 119:9 ).  This is a question asked in one way or another by all the great religions.   Pretty well all spiritual teachers agree that purity is a … Continue reading


27. July 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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