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Nuggets of Hope 7 – Called to Shine

“I’m no saint”. When someone says these words they are usually admitting that they’re far from perfect. But is that what it means to be a saint? Does it mean that you have achieved moral perfection? If that were the … Continue reading


25. March 2020 by Wisdom Hunter
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Nuggets of Hope 4 – God’s Spirit in us

His Spirit lives in us. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am offering these brief reflections as a way of finding hope by turning our attention to God. Today I want to focus on the good news that … Continue reading


22. March 2020 by Wisdom Hunter
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Streams in the Desert

The Day is coming Continue reading


15. April 2019 by Wisdom Hunter
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My sheep hear my voice

Just a few days ago I met with a man who told me he wanted to know God better. I believe his cry for a closer relationship with God is not unique to him. Before Adam chose the way of … Continue reading


24. September 2017 by Wisdom Hunter
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What is in your hand?

Satan wants you to think about what you don’t have and what you can’t do. God wants to you think about what you do have and what you can do.  This gem of practical wisdom came to me many years … Continue reading


01. July 2016 by Wisdom Hunter
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St Patrick and the Holy Spirit

Tomorrow, of course, is St Patrick’s Day. It’s a day of partying for people of Irish extraction and those who wish they were. But how many of the people celebrating their Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s day have any idea … Continue reading


16. March 2014 by Wisdom Hunter
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The river

This summer I have done a lot of cycling on the paths by the Rideau and Ottawa Rivers. I do it for the exercise, but I also do it because being outdoors helps me to pray. I have been without … Continue reading


02. August 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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Keep yourselves in the love of God

Yesterday I went for a walk after lunch.  While I was out walking, my thoughts turned to the previous evening’s church meeting.  The meeting had featured a thought-provoking presentation on how our church welcomes and integrates new people, and some … Continue reading


08. September 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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Learning to listen

The other day at work I was listening to a conversation at coffee break.   The conversation was about sentencing for people who do Internet kiddie porn.  One of my workmates made the comment that if someone is sick enough to … Continue reading


08. March 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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