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Nuggets of Hope 2 – Friends with Jesus

The photo in this blog is of Dan, my best friend throughout high school and college years. It was taken in 1976 when Marion and I got married. I lost touch with Dan for years but then he re-appeared in … Continue reading


20. March 2020 by Wisdom Hunter
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Farewell, old friend

One of my high school buddies passed away a week ago today.  I was invited to speak some words of remembrance at his funeral, and counted it a privilege to be given this opportunity. Marilyn (his widow) told me that … Continue reading


06. December 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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No high like the Most High

I love walking in winter, especially on days like today, when the air  is cold enough to be invigorating but not so cold as to be bone-chilling. Besides giving me a bit of exercise, my brisk morning walk to the … Continue reading


06. February 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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The power of hospitality

Most Christians, if asked to list five of the attributes of God, would probably come up with words like loving, powerful, forgiving,  just, holy, and so forth. These are all important descriptors of God’s character as it is revealed to … Continue reading


19. November 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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