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Knocking on heaven’s door

This morning at church, I did something perfectly ordinary. I left my seat and stood in the aisle to let Grace pass by so that she could sit with her older sister and her parents. We had just finished singing three beautiful … Continue reading


23. October 2016 by Wisdom Hunter
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The Bridal Seal of Love

For the past several weeks I have been making Song of Songs a major focus of my devotional life and as part of that focus, I have just finished listening to a wonderful 12-part teaching series by Mike Bickle (of … Continue reading


25. July 2015 by Wisdom Hunter
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A tale of two young women

Today is my little girl’s birthday. Only, she’s not a little girl any more. She’s a young woman, a year away from university graduation. Two days ago a young man asked her to marry him, and she accepted. Bethany’s birthday … Continue reading


21. April 2014 by Wisdom Hunter
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The Bride and the Wedding to come

I have had a series of dreams over the past several weeks about the Bride of Christ and the wedding feast that is coming. This past week I had two such dreams, on separate nights, that were very similar. As … Continue reading


30. March 2014 by Wisdom Hunter
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The wedding feast

Last Saturday my oldest son, Joe, married the love of his life, Carmen. For me this was cause for great joy. I was delighted for Joe. He looked so thrilled as he waited for Carmen to walk down the aisle. … Continue reading


27. September 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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