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Nuggets of Hope 24 – The King’s Beauty

This morning I began my day with a walk to see the horses in the field at the end of our crescent. Although the weather forecast tells me a blast of winter is coming, this morning I can still taste, … Continue reading


07. May 2020 by Wisdom Hunter
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Summer Reflections

In the coolness of a summer morning, I sit outside and sip my coffee and take in the beauty all around me. A quiet breeze rustles the leaves of the majestic maple in my neighbour’s yard. Wind chimes hint of faraway … Continue reading


03. July 2016 by Wisdom Hunter
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Glimpses of glory

A few days ago I was cycling along a pathway by the Ottawa River. I was perplexed about my current circumstances, and I stopped for a few minutes to sit on a bench and look at the river. As I … Continue reading


13. August 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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Childhood Christmas memories

When I was a child, Christmas was my favourite time of year.  It wasn’t primarily because of the presents – although of course they were fun and exciting, especially the Christmas that we got a puppy and my parents let … Continue reading


20. December 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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Who made the hyacinth?

Last week I bought a hyacinth plant for my wife.  It was still in bud at the time, and we couldn’t tell what colour the blooms would be.   This morning she showed me, with great delight, that the buds were … Continue reading


18. February 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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