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My friend Jim

I bumped into Jim (not his real name) a few weeks ago when I was riding my bike through Vanier. I consider Jim a friend, but I had lost touch with him and hadn’t talked with him in a couple … Continue reading


14. September 2012 by Wisdom Hunter
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Lighting up the neighbourhood

This year I went all-out on Christmas lights.   Well, all-out for me, anyway.  Back in November I took advantage of Home Depot’s special offer on new Christmas lights for customers who bring in their old lights for recycling, and bought … Continue reading


15. December 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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The power of hospitality

Most Christians, if asked to list five of the attributes of God, would probably come up with words like loving, powerful, forgiving,  just, holy, and so forth. These are all important descriptors of God’s character as it is revealed to … Continue reading


19. November 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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Prayer walking through Vanier

Our pastor has called our church to a season of special prayer.   This in itself is an answer to prayer, as a group of intercessors at City Church has been crying out to God for over a year for an … Continue reading


28. September 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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Doing life together

When we are showing our neighbourhood to visitors we see it with different eyes.  Features to which I normally pay no attention, having become accustomed to them, grab my attention again when I am interpreting them to others.  So when … Continue reading


14. August 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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