Why not tell all?

This is a bit of a different post.  It contains the text of a letter that I will be sending to Minister of Heritage James Moore, with a copy to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  The letter speaks for itself.  

Minister Moore,

I am deeply disturbed at the reports I have heard concerning the explicit sexual content of the exhibition “Sex: A Tell All Exhibition” that is scheduled to open May 17 in the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Journalist Patrick Meagher was among those invited to attend a preview of this exhibition.  He reports that it includes graphic presentations of masturbation, nudity and condom use. As well, the exhibition features videos of a woman who says she approves of multiple partners, and a young woman who shares sexual favours among friends. In a video discussion on sexual orientation, not one of the twelve people interviewed is heterosexual.  Yet another station reportedly answers questions on what to do about an unwanted pregnancy. The option of adoption or keeping the child is not mentioned. The advice is to have an abortion as soon as possible. Such reports leave me with the impression that the entire exhibition is ideologically-motivated, with an agenda to undermine all notions of responsible behaviour and to portray all forms of sexual expression as morally acceptable.

My son and his wife and two pre-school daughters will be visiting Ottawa in a few weeks’ time. My wife and I were talking earlier today about possible activities for the girls while they are in our beautiful capital city. Prior to reading reports of the exhibition on sexuality, we had considered suggesting that our son and his wife take their girls to visit the Museum of Science and Technology. We remembered taking our children there when they were young.  They were enthralled by the trains, the baby chicks, the display of how telephones developed, and the crazy kitchen. It was a fascinating, stimulating yet safe environment for a young child. Apparently this is no longer the case. No parent in his or her right mind would bring a child to this exhibition if it resembles even remotely the descriptions I have read thus far. I am deeply disturbed at the thought that such a sleazy, pornographic exhibition would be permitted in any public place in Canada, even more disturbed that it would be intended for children and youth, and outraged at the thought that public funds would be used to pay for it.

Minister Moore, I believe that you are a man who cares for the public good. My sincere hope is that you were simply unaware of this exhibition. If the reports of this exhibition’s content are accurate, I plead with you to take immediate action to stop this exhibition from taking place.  If they are inaccurate, I plead with you to set the record straight, so that no-one will think that the Government of Canada would support an event that reflects so poorly on the cultural values of this nation.

A concerned citizen, father and grandfather

Peter Hartgerink
Ottawa, Canada


9 thoughts on “Why not tell all?”

  1. Excellent Peter… I think we should all be doing the same (writing to our MP’s and the powers that be); I will be.

  2. Don’t forget to send a copy to your local MP. If I get my act together I’ll do the same.

  3. Thank you Peter. Yes indeed, “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do…” Psalm 11:3. Maybe U should circulate the letter in the form of a pertition and have concerned citizens (Christians n non Christian) sign it before U send it to the Minister.

  4. Hi Stephen, others better qualified than I are already moving in that direction, I think. The Institute for Marriage and Family has published an excellent and very thorough response which it has sent to the minister. It addresses several points that I was not aware of.

    While petitions do help, letters or emails from individuals are even more effective in getting politician’s attention, or so I am given to understand. The thinking is that signing a petition is easy, whereas writing one’s own letter or email takes greater effort and therefore represents a greater level of concern.

  5. Thank u. I intend to write to the minister per the contact info u provided.
    God Bless.

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