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It’s only money

I was meeting with my financial advisor over tea and chocolate chip cookies one afternoon a few years ago.  Jim was also a brother in Christ and a good friend, and we used to talk not only about investing but … Continue reading


29. May 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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Is God real?

Is God real? I mean, is there actually a living, loving, personal and powerful God who really cares about you – a God that you can connect with, a God that makes a tangible difference in your life?  Is there … Continue reading


19. May 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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Life lessons from Sophie

While visiting Simeon and Heather the last few days, Marion, Bethany and I have had many opportunities to observe and interact with their wonderful little girl Sophie.   Her simple, unpretentious two-year-old approach to life has reminded me of some basic … Continue reading


02. May 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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