Why I’m not afraid of swine flu

Swine flu has been in the news lately.  It comes up in lots of conversations.  In spite of all the media attention, most people I talk to say they aren’t worried about swine flu.

Here are the three main reasons why people say they aren’t worried.

  • most of the deaths have taken place in Mexico, not in countries like Canada where we have good access to medical care
  • the swine flu doesn’t really seem any worse than most other kinds of flu
  • if we take proper precautions we’ll be OK

It’s true enough that those who have a robust immune system can probably resist swine flu.  Taking proper sanitary precautions can certainly help.  And in a country like Canada where we have good medical care, even if we do get swine flu we will probably survive.   But still, unexpected things happen.  A few years ago my accountant died of the flu.  He was in his early 40s and apparently in good health.

My point is very simple.  Although most people don’t like to think about it, the truth is that none of us can avoid death forever.  At some point I will die and so will you, whether the cause is swine flu or something else.

I’m not against taking precautions.  I believe in taking care of my health, but I’m not going to worry about the latest scare.  And the reason I’m not going to worry has nothing to do with Canada’s health system or my immune system.  When it comes right down to it, my trust is somewhere else.  I’ve placed control of my life in God’s hands.  My life belongs to Jesus Christ who died for me.  Whether I live or die I belong to the Lord, and I am confident that I can trust him.

Some may say “How foolish.  Who would trust a God that you’ve never seen?”.  My reply to you is simple.  In the end, none of the other things in which you’ve placed your trust will be able to save you.  In the end, health care won’t save you, your good management skills won’t save you, living in Canada won’t save you.  In the end, you will face Jesus anyway.  At that point, you’ll wish you had placed your trust in Him while you had the choice.

I want to live my life on earth to the full while I have the chance.  I want the best for my wife, my children and grandchildren.  But in the end, what’s best is not mine to determine.   In the end, my Creator and Redeemer holds the keys of life and death and I would rather place my trust in him than in myself.  I have his word that if I place my hope in him, I have a share in his eternal kingdom where sickness, death and suffering have no power.  And that’s why I’m not afraid of the swine flu.


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