In God’s image : destined for glory

This will be my last post on the theme of our creation in God’s image.   To see all the posts on this theme in sequence, click on the category Basic Principles.

Today I listened to a colleague at work share her pain regarding some different aspects of her family situation.  One of the greatest sources of pain was that her mother seemed unable to accept her own children.  As a result the whole family is dysfunctional, torn apart by constant strife.  Because none of the children truly feels accepted, they can’t accept each other.

The greatest emotional need in our lives is unconditional acceptance – and even the best human parents can’t provide this perfectly.  It’s really only available when we surrender to Jesus and allow Him to wash us clean and reconcile us to His  Father.

Yes, it’s a great blessing to know that I am God’s child in this life.  But there’s more!  According to the Apostle John ( 1 John 3:1-3 ), I not only have the assurance of being God’s child now; I also have the assurance that when Jesus returns, I will be like Him because I will see Him as he is.

This is the truth that most inspires and motivates me to pursue God – the promise that those who belong to Christ will one day share in His glory ( Col. 1:26-28 ).   I want to be in God’s presence – to see Him as He is – to see His glory and to be like Him!

Both Lucifer and Jesus were motivated by this desire for glory.   The key difference was that Lucifer sought his own glory and was at war with God.  Jesus, on the other hand, sought his Father’s glory and was content to share in that glory.  If we are willing to have it on God’s terms, the desire for God’s glory is a powerful motivator for good.

For the sake of the joy that was set before him, Jesus endured the cross ( Hebrews 12:1-3 ).  Because he knew what lay ahead of him, he was willing to suffer, to pay the price.  And what lay ahead of him was not only his own glory, but ours – for if we endure, we will be like him, we will share in His glory, we will reign with him.  This was his reward – what He died for – the completion of His glorious bride.

Does that inspire you?  It inspires me.  When I’m tempted, discouraged or weary, the thought that I am made in God’s image, for His glory – and that Jesus died so this promise could be fulfilled – motivates me to choose what will please God.  More and more, I find that I am motivated by eternity.