Reflections from Minnesota – Day 4

Last night I was privileged to participate in a two-hour prayer watch at the BHOP Prayer Room.  It was a wonderful experience — both refreshing and challenging.  I soon found myself hearing easily from God in this atmosphere of worship and spiritual intimacy.  This increases my hunger to see an increased flow of intimacy and spiritual power in the intercessory ministry at my home church.

BHOP is part of a global prayer movement that is committed to the establishment of night and day prayer in every region of the globe, in preparation for an end-time harvest and the return of Jesus as King.  I am so glad that Simeon is involved in this ministry.  He seems to have found his place and his calling, at least for this season.  It is good to see him growing as a worshipper, prayer leader and student of the Word.

So many prayers have been answered, and so many doors have opened for Simeon and Heather (not without obstacles and opposition – but then nothing of value happens without opposition).  It is good to be able to see Simeon and Heather coming into their own ministry and calling.  It is good to see them involved in something that I can believe in without reservation.  It is good to be able to learn from what God is working in my children.  I am more convinced than ever that they are where they belong.

Marion and I know how much of a blessing our parents were to our children, and we want to bless our grandchildren with good memories and lots of love and encouragement.  Since we won’t be able to see Sophie often, we want to plan for special family events that she will look forward to and remember.  One step we are taking is to make plans for an annual summer getaway in either Upper Michigan or Northern Ontario – somewhere approximately midway between Ottawa and Bloomington.


2 thoughts on “Reflections from Minnesota – Day 4”

  1. Peter,

    It is so encouraging to read this post! We love having Simeon and Heather here with us and it has been great working with Simeon and seeing him develop as a worship leader at BHOP. He is a gem!

    Also it’s awesome to read what you wrote on the prayer room. I am anticipating the day that BHOP will be 24/7.

    You are a huge encouragement to me. Thank you.

  2. Dave, thanks for your comments! Great to hear from you … I can honestly say that our visit to Minnesota was profitable on several levels … it was great to see Simeon and Heather and Sophie, but I was also deeply affected by the prayer watches and motivated to seek more of the same atmosphere here at home.
    Peace and blessing, Peter

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