Reflections from Minnesota – Day 3

For those who live in a northern climate, the coming of spring is a reason to celebrate.   This has been a week of wonderful weather here in Bloomington, Minnesota.  Snow is melting, water is running, birds are chirping and the air smells fresh and moist.  From the balcony outside Simeon and Heather’s apartment on the Bethany college campus, I can see fat buds on the surrounding trees.  What a blessing Spring is!

In our daily routine, it is easy to get caught up with the busy-ness of everyday living and lose sight of the amazing gift of life that we have been given.  Holding my little granddaughter has given me another impetus to reflect on the value of life.  I am thoroughly enjoying this chance to have a few days off to appreciate the simple joys that are all around me.

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like a pearl of great price.  Everyday life is a gift, but it’s possible to enjoy the outward blessings – the beautiful spring days, the wonder of a new life, the joy of new discoveries, the thrill of a new job or a new relationship – and miss the point of it all.  Especially when life is easy and we are enjoying life’s pleasures, it is easy to enjoy the gifts and forget the Giver.  I want to be one who recognizes the goodness of the Giver reflected in the gift.

True, we live in a world that has been flawed by sin, but for those who have eyes to see, the Creation – even in its flawed state – reflects the glory and creativity of an amazingly powerful and benevolent Creator.  And when I think about the price that was paid to set me free from the curse of a futile and empty life, and the price that believers under persecution still pay for their choice to belong to Jesus, I realize again that I don’t ever want to take God’s goodness for granted.  I want to live life for all it’s worth – to be involved in calling forth the image of God in those who are hungry for Him – to look for every opportunity to give glory to God with my life.