God still believes in you

Recently I talked with a friend who is struggling in some key areas.  He and his wife have both been down a difficult road in life, and their marriage is not in great shape.

When my friend told me what was going on,  I felt very inadequate.  I wanted to help him, but the problems seemed so huge.  So I did the only thing I know to do when I don’t have an answer – I went to the One who knows every heart.   During a time of worship, I took some time to quiet my own thoughts, laid the whole situation before God, and sought to listen to the inner voice of the Spirit.  Suddenly I realized that there was something He wanted me to say to my friend.  It was simply this : “God still believes in you”.

I don’t know if my words encouraged my friend (although I believe they did), but I know they encouraged me.  If God believes in me, then maybe I can make a difference despite my inadequacies.  If God believes in me, then I can see beyond the pressures, fears and concerns of the moment, and look for the golden thread of His purpose and calling in my life.  If God believes in me, then my effort to follow Jesus and do the right thing is worth it.

I’ve messed up more times than I can remember.  I stopped keeping track a long time ago … about the same time that I finally got hold of the truth that Jesus loves me, that I don’t need to be perfect to earn His acceptance, that His mercy is for people like me.

When I realize God still believes in me, then I can believe in myself and find the courage to try again.  I can also believe in those around me, and honour and encourage them, even though they too have their faults.  If I need mercy, so do they !

God still believes in you.  Do you believe it ?  It’s true !  And it’s the best news there is.  He doesn’t make bad investments – he only invests in pure gold.   That’s what you are destined to become as you let Him continue to work in your life – pure gold.