So how was your weekend …

When I get to work today, I know people are going to ask “so how was your weekend?”.  I had a great weekend!  It was great because I spent it with some awesome people.

My weekend started with a really productive Saturday morning.  I got to spend Saturday morning in one of my favourite activities – a building project.

Now, those of you who know me well are aware that I’m not a skilled carpenter or craftsman.  But that’s not the kind of building project I’m talking about.  I wasn’t working with wood or brick or ceramic or drywall – I was working with people.

What was I doing ?   Meeting with about a dozen small group leaders and potential leaders from our church.  What’s so exciting about that, you ask ?  It was exciting because of the incredible, quality people I was with.

  • They are motivated to love God and serve others
  • They know what really matters and what doesn’t
  • They are willing to be vulnerable and aren’t trying to impress others
  • They are seeking reality, not trying to escape from it
  • They are willing to be trained and to learn new skills for the sake of serving others
  • People from different generations were meeting together as friends and listening to each other
  • They understand the incredible value of the true life that Jesus gives, and are willing to open up their homes and their time to share that life with others

At our church we say that we are seeking to reach our city and touch our world one person at a time.  The people I hung out with Saturday morning are world changers.  They are world changers because they are people changers.  We need more like them !