Adventures with God

My son Simeon and his wife Heather are on an adventure with God.   Heather is a US citizen, Simeon is Canadian.   They have been married just over 2 years.  After starting out in Canada,  Simeon left a steady job in Ottawa to move with his bride to her home town (Bloomington, Minnesota) to pursue God’s call on their lives.  They are living on campus at Bethany International in Bloomington MN.  Simeon is serving as an intern at Bethany House of Prayer – a 24/7 prayer ministry modeled on IHOP in Kansas City.   He loves it!   He is busy, honing his gifts in worship and prayer,  and learning new skills in a number of practical areas.   Simeon’s visa doesn’t allow him to work for pay, so Heather has been “bringing home the bacon”.  With a baby on the way, they are in the process of applying for residency for Simeon so that he will be able to support the family.   Not surprisingly, they are facing some financial challenges.  They believe they are where they are supposed to be, but their faith is being tested.

Depending on our faith level, situations like this can seem either terrifying or exciting.  How will God provide for them ? Will Simeon get his residency in time ?  Will he be able to get a job ?  What if …

For those who claim to follow Jesus, the Bible contains some amazing promises of God’s faithfulness and provision.  But it also contains a basic challenge.  The challenge comes in the form of a question from God’s heart to ours : “Do you trust me ?”   I’ve discovered that it’s actually easier to trust God for my own life than for my children’s lives.  I’ve had my own adventures with God, plenty of them … and He has proven faithful every time.   Will I trust God to be faithful to my son, his wife and their unborn child ?  Do I really believe that God is in control and that He is good to those who put their trust in Him ?

I’ve made my choice.  Although faith may seem foolish at times, it is better to trust God than to trust human wisdom; and it is better to trust God than to be ruled by fear and anxiety.   Although I’m tempted to worry about them, I’m so glad that Simeon and Heather have stepped out in faith, and I’m determined to trust their choices, encourage them in their adventure, and pray prayers of faith over their lives.  When it comes right down to it, I’ll pick an adventure with God any day over the choice to play it safe.   How about you ?