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Perspective on the eve of an election

Tomorrow the people of Ontario will choose a new provincial government. This has been one of the most hotly-contested and tumultous elections I can remember. We live in a time of increasing social contention. Many people have strong views on … Continue reading


06. June 2018 by Wisdom Hunter
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My dream date with Justin Trudeau

A few nights ago I had a dream. It wasn’t one of those confusing dreams that you can only half remember. The main lines of it were crystal clear. In my dream, I was at some sort of public event … Continue reading


07. August 2016 by Wisdom Hunter
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What does ISIS have to do with us?

Many Westerners probably think of the current war in Iraq as an unfortunate but far away conflict that has nothing to do with us, and no effect on our lives apart from higher oil and gas prices. The reality is … Continue reading


21. June 2014 by Wisdom Hunter
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Truth, humility and righteousness

The past few months have been a less than glorious chapter in the annals of Canadian politics and government. Even the most devoted Conservative partisans must be feeling a tad uncomfortable by now, as the list of unanswered questions and … Continue reading


02. November 2013 by Wisdom Hunter
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Reflections on Jack Layton’s death

Jack Layton, leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, has died after a hard-fought battle with cancer. As I observed Jack Layton over the past several election campaigns, my respect for him grew with each campaign.  He was an effective campaigner … Continue reading


22. August 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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What kind of Canada?

I am writing this on the eve of Canada Day.  Prince William and his bride Kate have just completed the first day of their highly-anticipated  visit to our land.  Here in the nation’s capital, the Canada Day crowds are expected … Continue reading


30. June 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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What is good government?

Well, here we go.  A federal election campaign is underway here in the Truth North Strong and Free, and I feel compelled to reflect on what I believe to be the most critical issue facing our nation.  No, it’s not … Continue reading


28. March 2011 by Wisdom Hunter
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True Patriot Love

Yesterday was Canada Day.  As I was out walking the dog, a young man on the street wished me a Happy Canada Day.  I returned the greeting, of course, but it got me thinking.  What is Canada Day really all … Continue reading


02. July 2010 by Wisdom Hunter
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What about the dark side?

First of all, for those who read my blogs semi-regularly, let me say that I am very flattered that some of you actually noticed that I hadn’t posted for over three weeks.   It has been a very busy stretch, what … Continue reading


31. January 2010 by Wisdom Hunter
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Mind your own business

Did you ever stop to notice how much of the conversation that goes on around you every day consists of judgment and criticism of other people? Consider a very common scenario.  You’re hanging out with friends, workmates or schoolmates, and … Continue reading


20. October 2009 by Wisdom Hunter
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